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    Ever since Sterling polyurethane coatings were first test-painted on the tail section of a TWA Boeing 727 in 1966, commercial and general airline manufacturers have come to rely on Sterling polyurethane coatings to keep their aircraft looking beautiful and mirror-bright. The hard finish keeps maintenance costs down, is resistant to radiation, extremes in temperature and humidity, and protects from corrosion, hydraulic fluids, jet fuels and detergents.
     Sterling offers a complete system of special-use primers for chemically converted or non-converted aluminum substrates, and a variety of topcoats to meet special aviation requirements.
     Sterling also manufactures Astrocoat polyurethane coatings that provide excellent protection for such critical aircraft parts as antennas, radomes, helicopter blades and leading edges.
     With such a wide variety of products engineered to meet specific aviation requirements, it’s no wonder that more and more airlines and manufacturers specify Sterling polyurethane coatings for both new aircraft and aircraft repainting.
    Sterling polyurethane coatings for marine application draw from the years of testing and experience in the development of high-performance aviation coatings. Many of the qualities necessary in aviation applications met similar needs in the marine industry, and more and more applicators have turned to Sterling polyurethanes for their consistent performance.
     Sterling primer systems for marine use have proven themselves both above and below the waterline. Sterling polyurethane topcoats, while not intended for use below the waterline, have shown themselves capable of withstanding the severest of conditions above the waterline. These tough coatings maintain their brilliant luster, rich color, and hard finish up to three times longer than ordinary paint without chalking, yellowing, cracking, or fading. Sterling marine finishes resist extremes in temperature and humidity and the corrosive effects of salt water, gasoline, or chemical spills.
     The finishes are virtually maintenance free, requiring no waxing and only soap and water to restore the brilliant shine.
    Our Astrocoat systems are polyurethane coatings that provide excellent resistance to rain erosion at high aircraft speeds. Astrocoat was developed by Olin specifically to protect such critical aircraft parts as antennas, radomes, helicopter blades, and leading edges. Available in black and white colors, Astrocoat systems are supplied as kits of matched components.
    Aircraft parts made of fiberglass, epoxy, or other composites can be severely damaged by rain impingement at high speeds and must be frequently repaired or replaced. Since Astrocoat was specifically designed to protect against this type of erosion, it out-performs all other erosion resistant coatings on the market today. Astrocoat users experience reduced down-time and lower maintenance cost on fiberglass plastic parts such as nose radomes, wing antennas, vertical and horizontal stabilizers and fairings.
    Olin’s Astrocoat was originally developed to give you ‘protection’. With Sterling's advanced curing system we give you the same ‘protection’, but with a new application method! We have added two new systems to our line, which do not depend upon atmospheric moisture for curing.
     The original Astrocoat systems are ASTM Class I moisture-cured polyurethanes. The new systems are ASTM Class IV two-component-cure polyurethanes based on the same vehicle.
     We’re now offering you a shorter application time period. While we haven’t changed the major feature, excellent resistance to rain erosion at high speeds, we have developed a way to apply Astrocoat under low humidity conditions and also reduce application time substantially. This new two-component system permits application of thicker individual coats and reduced time intervals between coats. The two-component Astrocoat is now available as both erosion resistant and antistatic erosion resistant systems.
Specialty Industrial Coatings
    Sterling's longstanding commitment to research and development of industrial coatings has led to the manufacture of specialized polyurethane coatings for transportation, heavy equipment, and product manufacturing applications.
    In addition to the durability of standard Sterling polyurethane coating systems, many industrial applications required new performance levels in reduced solvent emissions, shorter drying times and ease of application. Many of the industrial coatings in the Sterling system have met or exceeded manufacturing specifications, and thus have gained wide acceptance in many new industries.
     From computer cabinets to rail cars and oil drilling rigs, manufacturers have turned to Sterling polyurethane coatings where resistance to corrosion, extremes in temperature and humidity, and low maintenance factors are a consideration. Companies have found that Sterling industrial coatings are extremely durable, maintaining their brilliant luster, rich color, and hard finish up to three times longer than ordinary paint. These coatings have also adapted well to a variety of application methods currently used by many manufacturers.