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     At Sterling Lacquer Manufacturing Co., we have been involved in specialized coatings since 1907, when we first began manufacturing and marketing coatings to commercial and industrial users. Our history is one of total dedication to research and development of technical coatings to meet the needs of a changing world. Sterling polyurethane coatings are the natural extension of that goal.
     The product of continued research and testing, Sterling polyurethane coatings have proven themselves in years of use in the aviation industry, and now marine and industrial users are finding Sterling chemical coatings live up to their reputations.
     Strict quality control insures the highest in batch-to-batch consistency, and with 80 readily available topcoat colors and numerous primer systems, more and more manufacturers and applicators are turning to Sterling to meet their needs.
     Product reliability and an ever expanding network of worldwide dealers and distributors make Sterling polyurethanes the coatings of choice.